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First, Inspection Plus Inc. would like to thank you for considering the use of non-toxic sprays in your daily insect agenda's.

The World is fast becoming aware of the dangers that pesticides have caused in our health, animals and our environment. Now we are learning that most pesticides don't even work. Leading entomoligist, Scientist and Universities agree that insects and their eggs have become completely immune to these toxic materials that have been used for more than 60 years. It's time, we open our eyes and look for alternatives that work in not only killing these insects but repelling them.

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This is the most important step claims Glassel. Our products perform three critical functions.

Critical Functions
  • It kills or repels the existing insect population.
  • It eliminates the next generation of insects by interrupting the egg layer cycle.
  • It creates a barrier of re-entry deterring insects migrating from the area. Mosquito and Fly, known as perpetual egg layers, are immediately controlled. The result is a reduced insect population in the treated area.

Insect control is measured by decreased populations which are directly related to the egg and larvae status of the arthropod said Dave Glassel, the Organic Chemist credited for the dynamic solution. He has now safely carried insect control to levels never before achieved prior to this technology. Isn't it about time we give the people what they want, instead of exposing them to toxic chemicals? People today want products that are safe for themselves, their children, dogs and the environment. When it comes to 100% all natural/organic pest control products. Turn to Inspection Plus Inc. , it just so happens we have the best products on the market. The facts are that these 100% natural products not only work, but in some cases like Flea, Mosquito and Bed Bug control, they work better.

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Cedar Oil is a natural insect repellent. When delivered in small amounts the aroma will overwhelm most insects. The lingering aroma of Cedar Oil is a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the mental capacity of non-beneficial insects, it has no effect on beneficial insects such as lady bugs, honey bees, lizards, earth worms, butterflies, and toads.

Our most important concern at Inspection Plus Inc. is our children, who are very sensitive to toxic pesticide exposure at home and school as it affects there neurological, respiratory, and immune systems. The EPA, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Public Health Association have all voiced there concerns about the dangers that these chemicals pose to our children.

Wouldn't it be nice to tell your Customers, they now have a choice on what your spraying around their homes and businesses, 100% all Organic Products or Chemicals Products?

Since the introduction of the BEST YET formulation, we have been approached by countless Pest Control Technicians from across the United States. As you may or may not know, our cedar oil formulations are second to none (Tested and proven by Iowa State University and endorsed by the USDA as the number one choice Pesticide, Proven far superior to any chemical counterpart available) when used for control of inside and outside arthropod including but not limited to fleas, ticks, bed bugs, scorpions, chiggers, silverfish, mites, mosquito and an array of different insect species. Several Technicians have requested samples and subsequently have purchased the BEST YET and the PCO Choice products for their own personal use and in their daily treatment activities. Numerous home owners have supplied technicians with our solutions for application in their homes as an alternate to the chemical applications that exterminators insist on applying.

The practice of using synthetic chemicals for the use of insect control is nearing an end in North America. No longer is it prudent or politically correct to apply nerve gas bye products or Pyrethroid substance in a quest to influence eradication of flying or crawling pests. There are superior alternatives. I suggest that it is time for the pest control industry to review its status as an environmental steward and accept new and exciting chemical free and biological products as an environmentally friendly way to attain the results of their insect control agenda.

We are in hopes that after reviewing our products and testimonials that you will agree you can now safely and effectively apply products for insect control without the use of toxic materials. If you are still not convinced and have no or zero interest in exploration of the use of anything other than chemical products. Shame on you.

At Inspection Plus Inc. , we are spreading the word that there are alternatives to toxic chemicals through media, print and community awareness programs and the public is listening with their ears wide for change. We want them to know that our products are scientifically proven just as effective if not more effective than the toxic pesticides the pest control companies are using. According to leading entomologists, the fleas, ticks, and bed bugs in North America have grown immune to chemical pesticide treatments promoted by local, and national exterminators. In addition, a growing number of university and independent researchers publicly warn against excessive use of Pyrethroid-based products for consumer use. "We are paying a heavy price for the continued use of carcinogenic and estrogen-mirroring substances," that have been linked to breast cancer and autismů and are the same toxins that have led to our diminishing honey bee population, quoted Dr. Ben Oldag, agricultural radio talk show host, and senior entomologist at the CedarCide Industries research laboratory.

In comparison to harmful chemical treatments, Best Yet provides instant death to fleas, ticks, mites and bed bugs, with a mortality rate that approaches 100% within seconds, by causing an immediate, systemic metabolic reaction that triggers a suffocation response in such parasites. When sprayed on eggs and larvae it causes dehydration of the exoskeleton expelling the second generation of these insects.

If you or your company has an interest in creating a dialog related to our chemical free solutions, please contact us, as we will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.



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